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Ann Taylor

Teacher Feature: Ann Taylor
Ann beach


Ann Taylor is the 5th grade Reading and Social Studies teacher at Park Road Elementary.  She is in her 29th year teaching at Chandler Public Schools. Ann is the Gifted and Talented sponsor, and serves on the Safe Schools Committee.  She grew up in Walters, Oklahoma, on a wheat/cattle farm and attended Cameron University in Lawton.

Q  What led you to teaching?
 My grandma taught school (she started out in country schools).  I always loved going to school when I was a kid.

Q  Did you have any key mentors or people who influenced who you are, and/or your decision to become an educator?
A  My grandma, obviously, plus I had a history professor in college whose classes were so captivating.

Q  What would you say most motivates you to teach?
A  I love my kids, and I love learning.  

Q  What are you most excited or passionate about? 
A  History is one of my passions.  I love to travel and see places where historic events happened.

Q  What do you find most challenging about being a teacher? 
A  The nonstop nature of the profession can be exhausting--plus keeping myself organized!

Q  What's the best thing to happen since you started teaching?
A  Pam Anderson and I applied and received a Fund for Teachers Grant to travel to Europe.  It was also exciting when I attained National Board Certification.

Q  What might students and parents be surprised to know about you? 
 I like geneology and have traced my family back to the early 1700s in Colonial America.

Q  What profession other than your own would you most like to attempt? 
A  I always wanted to own a horse ranch!

Q  What are three things every teacher should own?
 Books, books, and more books!

Q  Tell us a little bit about your family, and how you enjoy spending your free time:
A  ​My parents and brother and his wife still live in Walters.  My parents’ farm was certified an Oklahoma Centennial Farm in 2016.  My husband, Terry, and I have been married since November of 1984. We have lived in Lincoln County since 1989.  I love my 2 Labradors, Kai and Murphy, and spoil them terribly. I also like to read, travel, and go camping.

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