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Alex Reed

Coach Reed

Alex Reed is in his third year teaching, and first year at Chandler Public Schools where he is an 8th grade Science teacher in the junior high. He also coaches football, basketball and golf for CHS. Alex says he grew up everywhere, but claims Turpin, Oklahoma.  After high school he attended Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, Oklahoma.

Q  What led you to teaching?
A  I credit that to my teachers, coaches, counselors, and principals in Jr High School and High School. Everyone made an impact in my life, academically and beyond academics.

Q  Did you have any people who influenced your decision to become an educator?
A  Growing up in Turpin everyone had a part of molding me and making me become the educator I am today.

Q  What would you say most motivates you to teach?
A  Seeing the students succeed in the classroom, and outside of the classroom.

Q  What are you most excited or passionate about? 
A  I am very passionate about the Georgia Bulldogs or any Georgia sports team!

Q  What do you find most challenging about being a teacher?
A  Trying to find the individuality of students. They all have their own unique personalities, interests, and abilities.

Q  What's the best thing to happen since you started teaching?
A  Just being able to be here at Chandler has been the best thing for me in my teaching career.

Q  What might students and parents be surprised to know about you?
A  My Birthday is Christmas Eve.

Q  What profession other than your own would you most like to attempt?
A  I would try and attempt to be a Historian and work for a museum or organization.

Q  What are three things every teacher should own?
A  Pencils/Pens, Paper, Kleenex

Alex has two brothers and two sisters, three nephews and 2 nieces (one on the way in November). His parents live in Choctaw. Alex enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and dog in his free time.

Welcome to Lion Nation, Coach Reed!

Coach Reed

Coach Reed

Coach Reed

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Coach Reed

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