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CHS Students Selected for All-State Honor Choir

Posted Date: 01/25/2018

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Caleb VanDenBrand, Lena Brown, Rachel Selke, and Glennon Selke were all selected for the 2018-2019 All-State OkMEA Choir. Caleb and Lena both participated in the Mixed choir led by Mack Wilberg. This is Lena's sixth year to participate in an All-State choir; she received a medal at the performance to recognize her accomplishment. Rachel and Glennon participated in the Treble choir led by Andre Thomas. Both of these ensembles include the top 200 choral singers in the state. These students participated in a three round audition process that started in September and concluded with a weekend Honor Choir in Tulsa. Congratulations to all of these students for making this prestigious choir!