Chandler School District Philosophy  

All students of this district, regardless of age, race, creed, gender and environment, are entitled to educational opportunities consistent with their interests and commensurate with their abilities, to the extent the district is financially able to provide the physical and human resources necessary to meet those needs.  Further, the school shall, through the development and provision of  programs, procedures, practices and a well-qualified staff, endeavor to:

  • Promote education as a right as well as a privilege
  • Promote the development of capable, enlightened, effective and responsible citizens through the attainment of basic skills
  • Provide the opportunity for acquiring job entry skills
  • Promote individual success in a supportive, challenging and non-critical learning environment conducive to a feeling of self-worth
  • Promote development of the powers of logic and reason
  • Provide for an awareness and understanding of the processes of the democratic form of government and the role of the individual as a participant in that government
  • Engender an awareness, appreciation and need for the renewal of nature
  • Engender a respect for all persons regardless of belief or station in life
  • Encourage an awareness of, and appreciation for, the contribution of the humanities to the cultures of the world
  • Develop respect, appreciation and acceptance of the principles of honesty, integrity and truthfulness


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Chandler Public Schools
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