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Board Policy



The Constitution of the United States leaves to the several states the responsibility of providing public education for all children and the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma provides that “The Legislature shall establish and maintain a system of free public schools.”  It is therefore the function and responsibility of the local school district conformity with state laws to establish its own rules and policies for the maintenance of schools within the district.

Written policies are a necessity if a board of education is to follow a clearly defined course of action, consistent through the years.  These policies were written to empower and limit administrators, faculty and staff in the general cause of managing an Oklahoma public school district and to assist all interested persons in reaching a better understanding of the operation of the district.

The board recognizes that no policy book can cover every subject.  Instead, the board is governed by the Constitution and appropriate laws of the United States, the constitution and laws of Oklahoma and regulations of the State Board of Education.  These policies are an extension of those laws and regulations.

All policies, regulations, procedures, and exhibits and exhibits contained herein are subject to change, as the board of education deems necessary and appropriate.  Final interpretation and application of any statement herein is within the discretion of the board of education.

Section 100 - Chandler School District
101 Establishment of the School District
102   Philosophy of Education
103   Statement of Equal Educational and Employment Opportunity


201 Organization of the Board of Education, five-member board
202 Powers and Responsibilities of the Board
203 Authority of the Board of Education
204 Board Superintendent Relationship
205 Board of Education Officers
206 Board of Education Executive Officer - Superintendent
207 Board of Education Treasurer
208 Board of Education Minutes Clerk
209 Board of Education Encumbrance Clerk
210 Meetings of the Board of Education
211 Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
212 Notification of Board Meetings
213 Executive Sessions of the Board
214 Board Votes Relating to Conflict of Interest
215 Public Participation at School Board Meetings
216 Nepotism
217 Development Opportunities:  Board Members
218 Open Records Act
   218..R.1  Open Records Act Regulation
   218..F.1  Open Record Access Request Form
219 Adoption and Review of Policy
220 Action in the Absence of Policy
221 Travel & Expense Reimbursement for Board Members and Administrators.
222 Management of School Finances
223 Auditor
224 Expenditure of District Funds
225 Financial Records
226 Investment of School Funds
227 Activity Fund
    227..R.1  Regulation for Handling School Activity Fund Money
228 Calendar Approval
229 Authority and duties of the Superintendent
230 Evaluation of the Superintendent
    230..F.1  Form for Evaluation of the Superintendent
231 Media Relations and News Releases
232 Resolving School–Related Conflicts
233 Purchasing and Distribution​
    233 R.1 Purchasing and Distribution Regulation


301 Emergency Plans:  Fire Drills - Lockdowns Drills
    301..R.1 Regulation:  Emergency/Evacuation Plan
302 School Security Drills
303 Inclement Weather Procedures
304 Emergency Plans and Bomb Threats
305 Disaster Plans
    305.R..1 Regulation:  Disaster Plan Procedures
306 Safe School Committee
307 School Safety and Health Issues
308 Vandalism
309 Transportation
    309..R.1  Regulation:  School Owned Vehicles and Equipment
310 Use of School Bus for Nonschool and Extra-curricular Activities
311 24/7 Tobacco Use Policy
312 Use of School Facilities
    312..R.1 Regulation:  Use of School Facilities and (Form) Request for Use of School Facilities
    312..R.2 Regulation:  Rules for Use of the Performing Arts Center and (Form) Check-list For Use of Performing Arts Center
313 Maintenance of Facilities
314 Parental Involvement
    314..R1 Regulation:  Parental Involvement Title I
315 Sanctioning of Parent Organizations and Booster Clubs
316 School Visitors
317 School Visitors Grievance Appeals Process
318 Bloodborne Pathogens
    318..R.1 Regulation:  Handling Bloodborne Pathogens
319 Drug-Free Workplace
320 Drug Screening
    320..R.1 Regulation:  Drug Screening
    320..R.2 Regulation:  Drug Testing
    320..F.1 Regulation Drug Screening Consent Form
321 Records Investigation
    321..R.1 Regulation:  Felony Records Search Procedures
    321..F.1 Form:  Authorization and Release Form
    321..F.2 Form:  Oklahoma State Department of Education Application for Criminal History Record Search
322 Felons/Sex Offenders and Employment
323 Grievance Procedure for Filing, Processing and Resolving Alleged Discrimination Complaints
    323..F.1 Form:  Grievance/Complaint Form
324 Sexual Harassment
    324..R.1 Regulation:  Sexual Harassment
325 Transfer and Release of Confidential Information
326 Parental Inspection of Sex Education Materials  
327 Nutritional and Dietary Supplements
328    E-Rate Record Retention and Procurement
329    Data Management
330    Title I, ESEA Complaint Resolution
   330..F.1 Form:  Investigation Report on the Administration of ESEA Title I Program Activities
331 Service Animals in School
332 Procurement Plan



401 Teacher's Contract
402 Extra Duty Assignments
403 Line of Authority
404 Cooperative Efforts
405 Teacher Ethics
    405..R.1 Regulation:  Faculty Standards of Conduct and Performance
406 Professional Growth
407 Salary Schedule
408 Fringe Benefits
409 Sick Leave - Faculty
410 Faculty Other Leave
411 Emergency/Personal Business Leave Certified Personnel
412 Shared Sick Leave
413 Faculty and Staff Leaves of Absence
414 Substitute Teachers
415 Travel and Expense Reimbursement
416 Teacher Evaluation
417 Evaluation of Administrative Personnel
418 Reduction in Force Certified Personnel
419 Suspension, Dismissal and Non Reemployment of Teachers


450 Support Staff Selection and Assignment
451 Line of Authority
452 Cooperative Efforts
453 Salary Schedule
454 Staff Fringe Benefits
455 Sick Leave - Staff                                       
456 Other Leave
457 Vacations
458 Suspension, Demotion or Termination of Teachers
459 Staff Reduction in Force
460 Drug-Free Workplace
    460...R.1 Regulation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing
    460...F.1 Notice to Employees Drug-Free Workplace

Job Descriptions

465 Secretarial Staff
    465..R.1 Job Description -Treasurer
    465..R.2 Job Description -Encumbrance Clerk
    465..R.3 Job Description- School Secretary
    465..R.4 Job Description- Activity Fund Clerk
466 Staff- Media Center Assistant
    466..R.1 Job Description- Media Center Assistant
467 Classroom Assistant
468 Staff- Food Service
    468..R.1 Job Description- Lunch Count and Lunch Fund Financial Clerk
    468..R.2 Job Description- Lunch Room Manager
    468..R.3 Job Description- Cook
    468..R.4 Job Description- Lunchroom Assistant
469 Staff- Maintenance and Custodial Services
    469..R.1 Regulations- Duties of Custodians
    469..R.2 Job Description – Custodian
470 Staff- Bus Drivers
    470..R.1 Job Description- Bus Driver
471 Support Staff Evaluation
472 Fair Labor Standards Act​


501 Graduation Requirements
    501..R.1  Regulation:  Graduation Policy
502 Program of Studies and Graduation Requirements:  Core Curriculum
    502..R.1  Regulation:  Grading Reports to Parents and Students and Semester Exams
503 Homework
504 Class Interruptions
505 Promotion, Retention, and Units to Establish Grade Level
    505..R.1  Student Retention
    505..R.2  Reading Deficiency – Parent Notification    Form
    505..R.3  Mid-Year Promotion:  Fourth-Grade
506 Promotion Based on Proficiency Testing
507 Credit for Advanced Courses
508 Evaluation and Selection of Media Center Materials
    508..R.1  Regulation:  Evaluation and Selection of Library/Media Materials
    508..R.2  Library Materials Complaint Form
509 Activities and attendance Relating to Instruction
    509..R.1  Regulation:  Activities and Attendance
    509..R.2  Regulation:  Ten Day Absence Policy
510 Early Childhood and Kindergarten Admission
511 Early Admission for Underage Children
512 Alternative Education
513 Regulation Alternative Education
514 Internet and Other Computer Networks Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy
    514..F.1  Staff-Student Communications – Parent/Guardian Notification and Permission Form
515 Code of Conduct for Internet and Other Computer Network Access
516 Staff Members and Social Networking Sites
517 Cellular Telephone and Other Wireless Telecommunications Devices
518 Section 504 Procedures – Students
519 Extended School Year
    519..R.1  Extended School Year Determination Documentation Form
520 Including Students With Disabilities in District-Wide Assessments
521 Online Instruction
522 Limited English Proficiency Instruction
523 Moment of Silence
524 Curriculum Design


601 Student Residency
    601..R.1  Regulation:  Student Residency
602 Custodial and Non Custodial Parental Rights
    602..R.1  Power of Attorney
603 Student Attendance
604 Withdrawal from School
    604..R.1  Regulation:  Withdrawal from School
605 Open Transfer Policy Transfers and Assignments
    605..R.1  Transfer Application Form
606 Student Records
    606..R.1  Regulation:  Transfer of Student Records
607 Notification of Rights Under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment
608 Compliance With Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974
609 Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment Policy
610 Directory Information Notice
611 Student Activities
612 Student Discipline
    612..R.1  Regulation:  Discipline Code – Standards of Conduct
613 Closed Campus Regulations
614 Student Driving Regulations
615 Dress Code
616 Search of Students
    616..R.1 Regulation:  Search of Students
617 Drugs, Alcohol, and Contraband Searches
    617..R.1  Regulation:  Drugs, Alcohol and Contraband Searches
618 Attempting to Evade
619 Student Suspension
    619..R.1.  Regulation:  Suspension of Students
620 Harassment
621 Prohibiting Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (Investigation Procedures)
    621..R.1 Incident Report Form
    621..R.2 Regulation:  Prohibiting Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying
622 Sexual Harassment
    622..R.1  Regulation:  Sexual Harassment
623 Sexual Harassment of Students
624 Hazing
625 Transportation of Students
    625..R.1  Regulation:  Bus Rider Rules
626 Wireless Telecommunication Devices
    626..R.1  Regulation:  Wireless Telecommunications Devices Rules
    626..R.2  Wireless Telecommunications Devices Permission Form
627 Administration of Medication at School
    627..F.1Medication Authorization Form
    627..F.2 Over-The-Counter Medication Authorization Form
    627..F.3 Asthma Action Plan
    627..F.4 Allergy and Anaphylaxis Plan
    627..F.5 Anaphylaxis Treatment Annual Notification to Parents
628 Student Self-Administration of Inhaled Asthma Medication and Anaphylaxis Medication
    628..R.1  Regulation:  Parental Authorization for Student Self-Administration of Anaphylaxis Medication.   
629 Use of Reasonable Force
630 Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and/or Neglect
    630..R.1  Suspected Child Abuse Report Form
631 Guidelines for Outside Agency Representatives Interviewing Children at the School
632 Reporting Students Under the Influence of Intoxicating or Dangerous Substances
633 Gun-Free Schools    
    633..R.1  Regulation:  Gun-Free School and Dangerous Weapons
    633..R1.2 Regulation:  Dangerous Weapons
634 Visitors
635 Extracurricular Activities
    635..R.1  Regulation:  Extracurricular Activities
636 Student Activities Eligibility
637 Extracurricular Activities Cheerleading
638 Extracurricular Activities Student Drug Testing
    638..R.1  Regulation:  Extracurricular Activities Drug Testing
639 Out of State Student Activity Trip Policy
640 Head Lice Control Policy
641 Grievance Procedure for Filing, Processing and Resolving Alleged Discrimination Complaints
    641..R.1  Grievance Form
642 Wellness Policy
643 Concurrent Enrollment Student
    643..R.1  Regulation:  Concurrent Enrollment Student
644 Student Clubs and Organizations
645 Establishing Curricular Clubs and Curricular Organizations
    645..R.1  Regulation:  Noncurricular Clubs and Noncurricular Organizations
646 Physical Education
647 Concussions and Head Injuries
    647..R.1  Concussion and Head Injury Acknowledgement and Information Sheet
    647..R.2  Concussion and Head Injury Fact Sheet Student Athlete
648 24/7 Tobacco Use Policy
649 Student Retention
    649..R.1  Reading Deficiency Parent Notification Form
650 Midyear Promotion – Fourth Grade
651 Student Trandfers for Active Duty Military Members
652 Student Nutrition Meal Plan Charge Policy
653 Chandler Public School District Foster Care Plan
   653..F.1 Best Interest Determination Evaluation
654 Regulation: Testing Program, Student Surveys
656 Student Recruitment Access to Students and Directory Information
657 Indian Tribal Involvement

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