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Amy Radcliffe

Amy Radcliffe teaches kindergarten at East Side Elementary.  She grew up in Madill, Oklahoma and attended Oklahoma Baptist University. Amy taught for three years at Frontier Public Schools before she and her husband had children.  This is her third year teaching kindergarten at East Side, but she spent several years as a substitute, reading tutor and teachers aid for Chandler Public Schools.  Amy is a big booster of the band, drama and choir programs and has served as an officer within those clubs for many years.

Q  What led you to teaching?
A   A love of children and a sense of calling. 

Q   Did you have any key mentors or people who influenced your decision to become an educator? 
A   My third grade teacher, Mrs. Perry and my high school band director, Mr. Hansen invested a lot of time and energy into their students.  They had a huge impact on my education, my impressions of school and my interest in teaching.

Q   What would you say most motivates you to teach?  
A   I want to let every child in my life know that they are loved, respected, are important and that they can do anything!

Q   What are you most excited or passionate about? 
A   My own three kids and their activities.

Q  What do you find most challenging about being a teacher? 
A  Balancing school and home life. Also, watching my class grow up and leave me; that kind of hurts.

Q  What's the best thing to happen since you started teaching? 
A  The best thing is watching my class grow throughout the year.  Each Fall these little guys come into my room...many of them scared and most of them unable to read...and in the Spring, they walk out as confident big kids either reading already or well on their way.  That’s pretty awesome stuff!

Q  What might students and parents be surprised to know about you? 
A  I was a cheerleader in high school.

Q  What profession other than your own would you most like to attempt?
A  My love of animals has always made me wonder if I would’ve been a good veterinarian. 

Q  What are three things every teacher should own? 
A  Germ X, the Sonic app, and chocolate!

Amy says she was blessed to spend 12 years as a stay at home mom with her three kids.  Now, she spends every free minute supporting her kids in their various activities.  That involves a lot of driving to and from practices, rehearsals and competitions.  Her boys, Tate and Ian, are very involved in the band, choir and drama departments. Her daughter, Allison is a competitive gymnast.  Her husband, Matthew is an architect and is equally as involved in all of our kids activities. The Radcliffes are members of First Baptist Church and love their church family very much.   They also share our home with two cats, Pete and Lucy. 

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Amy Radcliffe

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