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Cynthia Snider

Cynthia Snider

Cynthia Snider is the Family and Consumer Sciences teacher at Chandler High School.  She has been teaching for 30 years; 19 of those for CPS.  In addition to teaching, Cynthia is also the vasity cheerleading coach, Title VI coordinator and basketball book keeper.  She graduated from Alva High School, but spent most of her life in Guthrie.  She attended NWOSU and then transferred to Central State University (now UCO), where she received her bachelor degree, and then her masters from UCO.

Q  What led you to teaching?

A  I am a third generation educator and coach. I grew up in a home where education was very important.


Q  Did you have any key mentors who influenced you or your decision to become an educator?
When I was in college at NWOSU I had a professor, Dr. Coeta Evans, she influenced me the most in deciding to major in Home Economics. She sold me on the idea that in my classes I can teach life – the skills people need to survive as an adult. There’s nothing that touches life, home or family that is not taught in my classroom.

Q  What motivates you to teach?
A  Seeing students come back and tell me they used some skill they learned while in my classes. I’ve taught in Chandler long enough I am now teaching second generation students.


Q  What are you passionate about?

A  My goal as a teacher is to help teach and promote skills students need to be successful adults. I want my students to plan for their future and set goals for themselves. I want my students to know how to plan for a career and how to be financially secure. To understand the lifespan of a human and to be good parents. How to give back to their community through volunteering  and being good citizens.  I want to see them at a ball game or at Walmart and know that I gave them all I could while I had them in class and they are succeeding as an adult.


Q  What challenges do you face as a teacher?
A  The changing world the students live in and the mandates that the government puts on the school that sometimes leaves our hands tied as a teacher and system. 


What’s the best thing that has happened to you as a teacher?
A  Making the decision to come teach at Chandler HS. I have been able to teach and coach both of my children. I feel this school is the right size for all students to have the ability to participate and succeed in any area they choose.


Q  What might students and parents be surprised to know about you?
A  Something that is very unique about myself and my family is that my Dad, my brother and myself have had the honor of being OCA All-State coaches and OCA Coaches of the year in the sports that we coach.


Q  What profession other than your own would you most like to attempt?
If I were not a teacher I would have been a Professional Athletic Trainer or a Clothing Designer. 


Q  What three things should a teacher have?
A  A planner with colored pens and sticky note, a BIG BAG, and lots of coffee.


Both of her parents, Bob and Marjorie Griffin, retired form Chandler Public Schools. Cynthia is married to John Snider, we will celebrate 30 years of marriage this summer. They have two children,  Hillari Snider – CHS class of 2011 and Cole Snider – CHS class of 2014. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

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Cynthia Snider

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