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Staff Spotlight: Shawna Wright

Shawna Wright

Shawna Wright has been working for CPS for 6 ½ years as librarian, and aide at East Side Elementary.  She and her husband Jeremy recently celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary.  They have three daughters attending Chandler schools: Kaylin-16, Cassie-14, and Katie-11.

Q  What do you enjoy most about working for the school?
A  East Side has the best people to work with.  There is such a great group of faculty and staff here.  They would do anything for each other.  The kids are always glad to see you, whether you are at school or at Walmart!

Q  If you could have any job, anywhere, for just one day, what would you do?
A  I would love to see what it is like to work on restorations of historic buildings/homes.
Q  What three words would people use to describe you?
A  I hope they would say that I am hard working and dependable, trustworthy and like to have fun.  
Q  What is the best vacation you've ever taken?
A  I love all vacations! Branson and Colorado are a few of my favorite places to go with my family.  I would like to visit the east coast during the fall or New York City at Christmastime. 
What are your hobbies and interests?
A  I like to do Bible studies and draw.  My family and I like to play cards and other games.  I enjoy watching my girls in their activities, which include band, choir, basketball, softball, track and academic team.  They are very busy!
Q  What’s your favorite movie and/or book?
A  White Christmas would have to be my favorite movie.  I also love documentaries.  The Bible is my favorite book.

Q  What is something that might surprise readers to learn about you, any crazy bucket list items?
A  I have an interior design degree from OSU.

Shawna Wright

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