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Inda Jo Conway

Inda Jo Conway

Inda Jo Conway teaches high school and junior high Speech as well as HS Drama and Stagecraft at Chandler.  She is the JH cheer coach and has been teaching at Chandler for eight years.  An alumna of Chandler High School, Inda also directs for Lincoln County On-Stage.  She served as the president of the Chandler Alumni Association in 2013.  Inda received her bachelors of fine art from Southeastern Oklahoma State University, graduate studies at the University of Oklahoma and received her masters of fine art at Northern Illinois University.  

Q   Did you have any key mentors or people who influenced your decision to become an educator? 
A   Both of my parents were public school teachers and heavily involved with extra activities at school and within the community.

Q   What would you say most motivates you to teach? 
A   Through directing I’ve found that I have a talent for helping others out of their comfort zone and stretching their wings.  Teaching in a classroom provides me with another outlet with which to help students find their voice and express their opinions.

Q   What's the best thing to happen since you started teaching? 
A   I have truly enjoyed teaching the children of my former CHS classmates!

Q   What might students and parents be surprised to know about you? 
A   I worked at Warner Brothers in production of several of the Harry Potter films.  After graduate school, I attended Stunt Training where I was set on fire and learned choreographed driving techniques among other skills.

Inda’s parents both taught at Chandler Public Schools.  She, her siblings as well as her husband and his three siblings, all graduated from Chandler High School.

In her free time, Inda enjoys watching her stepdaughter Alison’s soccer games and playing ‘Princess’ with her niece, Ady Jo. And she said, “Occasionally, I find my way back to the stage in the roll of actor.”

Inda Jo Conway

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